Nathan Newton – 24 hours on a treadmill

Nathan Newton - 24 hours on a treadmill

BATs club member Nathan Newton completed the biggest challenge of his life over the last weekend in January 2013 by running for 24 hours on a treadmill.

Treadmills suitable for the job were hard to find and once sourced it left only 10 days preparation in order for the event to take place to coincide with the BATs Big Breakfast. The event started at 1pm on Friday 25th January in the Bere Alston parish hall with Dotty King taking the first shift on another treadmill to keep Nathan company. Dotty was followed by a number of other BATs and friends who throughout the 24 hour period ran next to and were a real support to Nathan. Laura, Nathan’s wife, stayed with Nathan for the entire 24 hour period providing encouragement and essential food and drink throughout.

Nathan ran well through the evening and into the night and it was around 4am that the tiredness started setting in so a 45 minute sleep and rest break was taken and then followed by a combination of running and walking. At 8am on Saturday morning more club members started to arrive to prepare for the Big Breakfast and by 10am the parish hall was full of people enjoying a full english breakfast and cheering Nathan on. As the final hours were ticked off more and more people came into the hall with over 160 breakfasts served with many more enjoying a bacon sandwich or tea and cake.

The last half hour Nathan was again joined by Dotty to complete the challenge and with everyone joining in the last 10 second countdown at 1pm on Saturday afternoon, the hall was full of cheering and clapping as Nathan completed his challenge and running a total of 100.5 miles. Nathan’s pot in the hall collected £496 and with the money donated on-line the total (so far) raised for the Plymouth neo-natal unit is £1131.00.

Nathan, Laura and the BATs would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who came and supported on the day, to the Bere Alston Regeneration Partnership, everyone who sponsored him and for the hundreds of messages of support received. Also a big thank you to everyone that came and supported the Big Breakfast which raised £747 which will be spent on hoodies and training shirts for the club which now has 60 members and finally Nathan, Laura and Dotty would like to say the biggest thank you to the BATs, without their help neither of these events would have been able to take place.

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Bats and the Torrington Christmas Caper

Last weekend, after days and days of torrential rain, some brave Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) pulled on their off-road shoes and some Christmas cheer in order to take part in the Torrington Christmas Caper.

The Caper is one of the  most challenging multi-terrain runs in the South West, covering approximately  nine and a half miles and featuring as much of the mud, hills, woods, rivers, forests and  country lanes Torrington has to offer (oh, and not forgetting mud, mud and water  too!).

Making their debut for the club was Bats newest members Sarah and Jason Burns, Sarah is a seasoned Ironman competitor and is in training for some big challenges in 2013 and was the first Bat home and 4th lady overall.  First male Bat home and first in his age group was Laurence Sargeant.  Four of the Bats ran and finished together.

The Caper Bats are pictured left to right (back): Dave Adams 1.30.13, Paul Mingo 1.46.53, Phil King 1.46.53, Jason Burns 1.29.53, Laurence Sargent 1.17.58, Johnny Adams 1.29.10, (front) Dotty King 1.46.53, Pam Adams 1.46.53 and Sarah Burns 1.13.45


Bats and the Bicton Blister

Last weekend, it was time for members of Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) to pull on their off-road trainers and make their to Bicton to take part in the Blister.

The Bicton Blister is a 10 mile multi-terrain race on Woodbury Common in East Devon, starting and finishing at Bicton College, the start and finish are short road sections, with the remainder of the race being on sandy, stony and muddy paths across the Commons of East Devon, The Bicton Lite is the Bicton Blister’s little Brother, 4.5 miles same start and finish, just less distance on the Commons.

After the previous weeks rain the course was very hard going with knee deep bogs and puddles, very stony and steep paths, tough field crossings and tree roots to be negotiated along the way, some of the course was also on part of the Royal Marine Commando Challenge route and included some long drops which had to be jumped and banks scrambled the other side but the weather held for the event and the Bats made good time.

First male Bat home was Laurence Sargeant and first lady was Tracey Oxborough.  Running her first ever race was Leisa Copper who is training hard for next years London Marathon.  All Bats finished in excellent times and before the rain started.

The Bicton Bats are pictured (back row) Phil King 46.01 (Bicton Lite), Laurence Sargeant 1.31.24, Paul Mingo 1.56.28, Grant Lawrence 1.51.25, Mike Chipperfield 1.41.53, (middle row) Pam Adams 2.00.04, Tracey Oxborough 1.33.58, Dotty Allan 1.46.49, Leisa Copper 1.56.27 (front row) Dave (Movember) Adams 1.39.31.


Bats and the Cornish Marathon

Last weekend, under a brilliant blue sky and with warm winter sunshine, four Bats made their way to Cornwall to take part in the twenty ninth Cornish Marathon.

The Cornish is a tough, extremely picturesque, out and back course, along the Draynes Valley, Bodmin Moor, Bolventor (Jamaica Inn), Fowey Valley and back to Pensilva and it is known widely as the third toughest Marathon in the UK.  The race starts from Millenium House in Pensilva, where its relatively flat gradient makes for a gentle start, however it is most definitely the 25 miles after that, particularly the climb to Foredown between miles 24 and 25 which contains some very steep hills that seem to go on forever which most people will remember!

However, with miles and miles of hard training under their wings and taking part in tough events throughout the year, the Bats were ready to take on the Cornish challenge. Running their first marathon was Nathan Newton and Julian Setterington and running her first event in a Bats vest was Becky Mingo. Becky was the first Bat home and fifth lady overall, Becky was chased home by Nathan. Dotty was the next Bat home with the Cornish finishing off a year of hard competition for her and finishing in a great time was Julian. 

All Bats finished injury free, happy and strong.  Bats would like to thank the Newton Family, Heather & Mike Smith, Phil,George and Lola-May for their support. The Bats are pictured (left to right): Julian Setterington 4.31, Becky Mingo 3.32, Dotty Allan 4.19 and Nathan Newton 3.59.

Bats and the Great South Run

After a summer of hard training and taking part in events it was time for Ben Neale to take his place at the start of the Great South Run. This fast and flat 10 mile route takes in the iconic sites of the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard including Portsmouth Cathedral, Spinnaker Tower and the HMS Victory- which in 2011 played host to the HM Band of Royal Marines, who performed for passing runners. The final flat stretch along the sea front has given thousands of people the opportunity to get a personal best time for more than twenty years.

Ben was one of those achieving a personal best time of 58.22 and finishing 57th overall out of 25000 entrants and 45th in the 18-40 male category.

Ben is pictured.

Bats and the Tavy 7 + Henley 10k + Ben Nevis‏

Last weekend saw a bumper number of Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) taking part in the Tavy 7 road race.

Starting at Plasterdown the route is seven miles, out and back, of  undulating and scenic moorland roads. Most of the Bats taking part had run the course the week before and were prepared for the task in front of them although, on the day, there were a number running their first ever event and the Tavy 7 is a perfect first-timer event.

Leading from the start and finishing second overall was Ben Neale.  Ben was quickly followed by team mate Nathan Newton who was running with a 20 mile training run in his legs from the day before and Dave Adams who was running on the back of the Chester Marathon.  First lady Bat home was Tracey Oxborough, Tracey was also first in her age group.  A big well done goes to Grant, Cath and Dan who were running their first event. Also running were Mike Hepworth, Toby Rankin, Alan Cade and Stuart Hearne for the Monday Men and Elaine Fileman, Bonita Scaysbrook and Clare Jackman for the Saturday Ladies, Clare was second lady in her age group.

Team Bat Tavy 7 2012 are pictured (left to right), back row Grant Lawrence, Dan Mullin, Alen Guy, Nathan Newton, Paul Mingo, Cath Mullin, Ben Neale, Heather Smith, (middle row) Martin Head, Dave Adams, Tracey Oxborough, Hilary Head, Fran Morgan, Phil Megicks (front row) Dotty (support crew), Jan Fuller, Laura Newton, Pam Adams, Rebecca Sargent, (not pictured) Julian Setterington and Cate Taynton.  Times not known at time of submission..Tavy 7 2012 (1)

Tavy 7 2012 (17)Tavy 7 2012 (18)

A big well done also go to the Fruit Bats running this week Joe Setterington (pictured) and Ellie and Mia Guy and a big thank you to George & Lola for their support.

Earlier in the month Ben Neale took part in the Henley 10k and finished second overall out of a field of 479 in a brilliant time of 37.52 and, not satisfied with running the Loch Ness Marathon, a few days later, Bat Paul Mingo made the trek to the top of Ben Nevis with his wife Rebecca, to proudly wear his Bats vest and very well deserved marathon medal.  Both Ben and Paul are pictured.

Ben Neal - Henley 10kPaul Mingo - Ben Nevis

Bats and others try out the Tavy 7 Route‏

Last Sunday, under a clear blue and warm sky, 23 runners met to try out the Tavy 7 route.

The training run which was organised by Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) and was an opportunity to run the route in lieu of the event this weekend.  The runners included other Bats, Saturday Ladies and Monday Men, some of whom were running the distance for the first time.  Dotty Allan, Steve Watson and Alen Guy led the runners around the scenic 7 mile route ensuring that everyone was looked after and the run was finished off with cake!

The group are pictured ready for the off.

Team Bat - Sunday Run Tavy 7

Bats and Cricklade & Chester

Once again it was clear blue skies and warm sunshine for the Cricklade 10km and Cricklade Half Marathon last weekend.

Both races started and finished in the same place with the 10km route diverting away from the half marathon at the 3.5 mile mark. Both courses were flat which offered the Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) to improve on either last years times or to improve their distance personal best. Alen Guy was running his first half marathon for the Bats and ran a brilliant distance personal best time. Dotty Allan was revisiting the half marathon with an eye on beating last years time which she did by over 6 minutes and also wanting to and improving on last years 10km was Phil King which he also did also by over 6 minutes.

A big thank you must be given to the Bats support this week, George Allan, who cheered all three on to a sprint finish. The Cricklade Bats are pictured: (left to right) Phil King 52.34 for the 10km, Dotty Allan 1.50.59 and Alen Guy 1.50.06 for the half marathon.

Team Bat Cricklade 2012

Also, running last weekend for the Bats were Pam and Dave Adams who both ran brilliant times in the Chester Marathon.

The Chester marathon route is both historic and scenic. Runners leave the racecourse and head into the City centre passing  the Town Hall, Cathedral, split level Middle Ages “Rows”, Eastgate Clock, Amphitheatre and through the Roman Walls four times before heading out of the City across the Old Dee Bridge.  The route then leaves Chester past the Duke of Westminster’s estate, through Pulford, before crossing the border into Wales and the villages of Lavister and Rossett.

Keeping to the flat and rural lanes runners complete a small loop before entering the historic village of Holt. Then crossing the ancient Roman bridge at Farndon to return to England.  On re-entering the City, runners pass the River Dee along the Groves and Castle Drive before a triumphant finish at the racecourse! There is only 101m of climb on the whole route.  The route is largely flat with some short hills or gradual climbs which are predominantly in the second half of the course.  After months of hard and dedicated training Dave finished in a time of 3.42.50 and Pam in a great time of 4.24.48.

Pam & Dave are pictured

Team Bat - Chester Marathon 2012


Bats and Newnham Park, Loch Ness and Nottingham!

Last weekend saw a team of Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) make the short journey to Plympton to take part in the popular Autum Trail cross-country race.
The Autumn Trail is a great opportunity to admire the beautiful wooded valley within the private country estate of Newnham Park and is an approximately eight mile multi-terrain course which takes runners through meadows, along forest tracks where they need to negotiate tree roots, bogs and puddles and cross the river several times before making a great fast finish on the flat. The event leaves all of those taking part wet and muddy.
First male Bat home was Nathan Newton who also finished in the top 10 and first female Bat was Dotty Allan in a time of 01.16.47 both Nathan and Dotty ran a great race on the back of last weeks Bude Brute.  Making his debut for the Bats was Alen Guy who ran a great event.  All Bats finished strong, with excellent times and big smiles.  A big well done must all be said to the Fruit Bats who took part in the fun run, Tori and Zak Chipperfield, Mia, Ellie and Kathryn Guy.
Team Bat are pictured (left to right) Julian Setterington (running as sweep for Dartmoor Search & Rescue), Emma Wright 1.28.54, Janice Fuller 1.24.00, Fran Morgan 1.31.00, Laura Newton 1.31.03, Nathan Newton 56.26, Dotty Allan 1:16:47, Phil King 1.18.47, Heather Smith 1.37.24, Alen Guy 1.08.17 and Mike Chipperfield 1.18.41.
Team Bat Autumn Trail 2012
Also running this weekend for the Bats was Paul Mingo, who ran his first full marathon.  Paul trained really hard all through the summer to take part in the Loch Ness Marathon and ran in a great time of 4.16.32.  Finally there was a Bat, Samantha Marshall, winding her way around the Nottingham Half Marathon to finish in a time of 2.09.16.

Bats take on the Bude Brute

Two very brave Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) made a long journey last weekend to take part in the Bude Brute.  The Brute is 22 miles over some of the toughest terrain in North Cornwall which the organisers say “is designed to test the best and  not to be under estimated”, all entrants must have have fell, mountain or cliff  running experience in order to take part.  The course also required competitors to self-navigate the route which started at Crooklets car park in Bude and wound its way up and down cliff paths, through bogs
and woods and across open fields out to Stowe Barton, Woodford, Morwenstow Church where a loop was followed to Duckpool before returning back along the coastal path to Crooklets.

The weather was not on the side of the runners with gail force winds and heavy rain for most of the day which made some of the 500+ft climbs very hard work for all taking part including some necessary diversions to avoid the more precarious cliff path.  Although the event can cater for up to 400 entrants only 17 turned up on the day to take part in the
22 miler, an indication of how tough the Brute is.

Taking part for the Bats and making his cross-country debut, was Nathan Newton who was hot on the heels of his most recent event the Total Warrior.  Nathan ran a brilliant race and finished in the superb time of 03.38.26 and in the top 10.  Nathan bought all his summer training together to run a text book race.  One of the few women taking part was Dotty Allan who finished in a time of 4.39.27.

Nathan and Dotty were taking part in the Brute as part of their training for the Cornish Marathon later in the year and, with a large number of other Bats, will be taking part in the Autumn Trail next weekend in Plympton.

Nathan and Dotty are pictured ready for the off.

Team Bat Bude Brute 2012