Membership fees are due January each year.

Membership for 2020 will be:

  • £38 adult membership
  • £68 for couples (£34 each) – Couples include sisters, brothers, partners, mother / son, etc.
  • £28 for students / full time education / under 18s

Club Membership fees include individual EA membership fee.

For second claim, membership will be £23 per person, £44 for couples (£22 per person), this figure is less the England Athletics license fee.  If you are joining as a second claim and take part in any events where your first claim club has no other members running, the expectation is that you will run as a BAT.

Membership Forms, Guidance Notes and Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (par-q) forms are below (please complete all three documents* and return to us as we cannot just accept cash or cheque without completed forms).

* If you do not return your forms we cannot register you.

Membership is due for renewal in January but we are happy to accept payment after the pay day in January or February if necessary, to give you time to get over the expense of Christmas.

(If you join later in the year, please email the club for fees as our membership runs from Jan to December)

If you are experiencing hardship in anyway, please come and talk to us as we would much rather you came along and did your training then stayed away because you cannot afford the membership.

I would really like to emphasise that your running and training is the utmost important part of our club and our ethos hence why we have kept the increase as low as possible and  we will try and absorb future prices from UK Athletics / England Athletics where we can.

If anyone has any problems at all, please contact me.

Membership Secretary

Here are the forms:

Renewal:                      BATs-Membership-Form-2020-Renewal

New Members:          BATs-Membership-Form-2020-new-members

Second Claim:            BATs-Membership-Form-2020-Second-Claim

Guidance Notes:        BATs Guidance Notes 2020

parq:                                BATs par-q-form 2020

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