BATs Grand Prix

The Bere Alston Trekkers (BATs) Grand Prix is set up to encourage members to participate in more races thus improving their overall standard.  The Grand Prix is purely for fun and there is no pressure on any members to take place.

List of GrandPrix events 2019: GrandPrix2019 Jan19

2019 Rules:
1)         The Grand Prix series is open to all runners who are fully paid up members of the Bere Alston Trekkers.
2)         To qualify for an award runners must compete in the minimum numbers of races determined for a specific trophy.
3)         Grand Prix runners must wear the club vest or t-shirt.
4)         All races must be completed to qualify. All runners who enter a Grand Prix race do so at their own risk.
5)         All races (except for the “wildcard” note 7 and 5K combination note 8) MUST be from the Grand Prix list.
6)         An EA / ARC recoginsed / registered event of 10K or more not on the Grandprix list can be included as a “wildcard”.
7)         A combination of any three 5k events from a list to comprise any parkrun (, BATs 5k end of month time trial, TAC’s monthly 5KooLRuN and Armada Athletics 5k Summer Series can be counted as a single GrandPrix event.
8)         Awards will be presented as follows:
Bronze – 4 races including one 10K distance or further
Silver – 8 races including one half marathon distance or further
Gold – 12 races including one marathon distance or further
Platinum – 16 races including one marathon distance or further

In addition, all Club Members are automatically entered into the Armada Networks GrandPrix,
Details can be found at:

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