Training & Schedules (tried and tested)

Wednesday Night Runs

Bat’s meet on a Wednesday night, in Trinity Hall Bere Alston where there are the choice of Couch to 5K / Beginners session, a coached session and a Group run, so there is something for ALL abilities.


Bat’s welcome complete beginners into the club at anytime of the year as well as those who are returning after a break and / or injury – please speak to our coaches who have a wealth of experience and information they are happy to share with you.  We have your running at the heart of what we do and will do what we can to get you running, keep you running and help with your technique.

Here is our base beginners programme which is based on the NHS’s Couch to 5K programme:


The coaches will adjust the programme based upon individual abilities.

Running and Pregnancy

Always check with your doctor and / or midwife before continuing or starting running.

Further information: Guide to Running Whilst Pregnant

Training Schedules

Bat’s are always training for a race.  Here are some of the schedules we will be following (please note, you do not have to do every session, tailor the schedule(s) to suit your own personal circumstances – the long run is the essential one):  If you are training for a marathon allow at least six months training preferably 12.  The better the training the better result!

Bats 5k Schedule

Bats 10k Schedule

Bats 10 week half-marathon schedule

Bats Grizzly Schedule 2014 

Dartmoor Discovery 2014 (March – June) Schedule

Marathon Schedules are here: (with thanks to Runners World) These will be updated in time for 2014 events.

First time marathon schedule

4 to 3.5 hours marathon

3.5 hour to 3 hour marathon

Sub 3 hour marathon schedule

Running tips / race day checklists:

Running Tips

Stitch Information

Beating The Training Blues

Race Day Checklist

Race Day Checklist – MARATHON