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Saturday Run 29th March 2014

The Sunday runs will sometimes be on road sometimes off-road and sometimes a mix of the two but we will let you know so you can choose your footwear.  We will start with shorter runs and will gradually increase the distance to 20+ miles as the cold winter months tick by.

Where possible a shorter route will be available and we will try to be as inclusive as possible to ensure that we continue to look after all abilities although please ensure that you are able to run your chosen distance before coming along (i.e. you are fit enough).

Please dress for the weather and bring a change of clothes or layers to put on post-run and always carry hydration and, if needed, additional fuel such as energy bars to keep you going.  As the weather gets warmer please remember your sun screen and increase hydration.

When we are out on the Moor or in the woods could you also wear high visibility clothing.

As we do need to stress the importance of having the correct kit if running on the Moor here is a quick check-list for you:

*A comfortable backpack capable of carrying all your equipment

* Emergency food – gels, glucose sweets, biscuits, nuts etc.

* Sufficient fluids to keep properly hydrated

* Emergency whistle – six blasts every minute is the recognised distress signal

* Small first aid kit – plasters + small bandages

* Dry pack for your mobile phone (fully charged)

* Good off-road shoes are a must

Last, but not least, please check the website before leaving for a run as routes may change depending on the weather / coaches circumstances.

Please note, if you are not dressed appropriately and for the safety of the rest of the group you may not be able to come along.

As these are training runs and more about time on your legs then the time on your wrist, could you please be prepared to track back for those runners behind you – even if you do this at the end of the run.  This will increase your distance and give reassurance to other runners that they will not be left behind.

Saturday 29th March

Between March and June we will be concentrating our training on preparing for the Dartmoor Discovery.  These runs are going to high mileage but a steady pace and although you are welcome to join the runs please ensure that you can run the distance.

Here is a link to the schedule: Dartmoor Discovery 2014 (March – June) Schedule       Amended 23rd March

This weeks run will meet in the car park of the Caste Inn pub in Lydford at 12pm to run 16 miles (flat) along the Granite Way (out to Okehampton and back).  Lift share from Tavistock College at 11.30am.

Sunday 30th March – Tavy 13 Click for entry details Good luck to all Bats taking part, fly like the wind team 🙂