Nathan Newton – 24 hours on a treadmill

BATs club member Nathan Newton completed the biggest challenge of his life over the last weekend in January 2013 by running for 24 hours on a treadmill.

Treadmills suitable for the job were hard to find and once sourced it left only 10 days preparation in order for the event to take place to coincide with the BATs Big Breakfast. The event started at 1pm on Friday 25th January in the Bere Alston parish hall with Dotty King taking the first shift on another treadmill to keep Nathan company. Dotty was followed by a number of other BATs and friends who throughout the 24 hour period ran next to and were a real support to Nathan. Laura, Nathan’s wife, stayed with Nathan for the entire 24 hour period providing encouragement and essential food and drink throughout.

Nathan ran well through the evening and into the night and it was around 4am that the tiredness started setting in so a 45 minute sleep and rest break was taken and then followed by a combination of running and walking. At 8am on Saturday morning more club members started to arrive to prepare for the Big Breakfast and by 10am the parish hall was full of people enjoying a full english breakfast and cheering Nathan on. As the final hours were ticked off more and more people came into the hall with over 160 breakfasts served with many more enjoying a bacon sandwich or tea and cake.

The last half hour Nathan was again joined by Dotty to complete the challenge and with everyone joining in the last 10 second countdown at 1pm on Saturday afternoon, the hall was full of cheering and clapping as Nathan completed his challenge and running a total of 100.5 miles. Nathan’s pot in the hall collected £496 and with the money donated on-line the total (so far) raised for the Plymouth neo-natal unit is £1131.00.

Nathan, Laura and the BATs would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who came and supported on the day, to the Bere Alston Regeneration Partnership, everyone who sponsored him and for the hundreds of messages of support received. Also a big thank you to everyone that came and supported the Big Breakfast which raised £747 which will be spent on hoodies and training shirts for the club which now has 60 members and finally Nathan, Laura and Dotty would like to say the biggest thank you to the BATs, without their help neither of these events would have been able to take place.

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