London Marathon 2012

Taking part in her fifth and last London Marathon was Bere Alston Trekker (Bat) Dotty Allan.  Although the day was a bit warmer than expected and the rain held off until the afternoon it was a great weather for this event.  The streets were packed all the way along the route with well wishers and supporters who really do spur the runners on.

Dotty was lucky enough to run a good for age time last year which meant this year she was on the celebratory start as well as the faster runners and she was able to mingle amongst them dishing out homemade cake until the event started at 9.45am.  Once on the course Dotty got into her stride, high fived as many children as possible, visited both her charity stations and really enjoyed the event and finished in a time of 04:04:58 and 321 out of 1546 in her age group.

Dotty would like to thank everyone who has supported and sponsored her so far.  Her next event will be the 32 mile Dartmoor Discovery in June, if you would like to sponsor Dotty please visit:

Dotty is pictured at mile 17.

Dotty Allan - London Marathon 2012