How hard can it be?!

Taking part in The November Nightmare hosted by How Hard Can It Be events was lone Bat Paul Mingo.  The Nightmare for Paul was 6 marathons in 6 days starting on 1st November and all ran through horrendous weather conditions.

The event is run over lapped two courses, which over the period of six days is hard going without having to negotiate pot holes, hills and bad weather.

The Lightmoor Course

The course follows the lane around Burroughs Bank and is a 0.84 mile loop.  There are a couple of climbs, and a couple of descents. It is a mixture of tarmac and hard stone track.

The Coalport Course

The course follows the disused railway line to Bridgnorth and back. It is mostly hard stone track. This is a permissive track owned by The Wiley Estate and Apply Estate.

Digging deep and with real grit and determination Paul kept going to complete all 6 marathons, his magnificent finishing times are as follows: Day 1: 4.55.25, Day 2: 4.55.25, Day 3: 4.46.15, Day 4: 5.05.32, Day 5: 5.20.52 and Day 6: 5.18.15.

Paul is pictured at the finish wearing his medal and a smile.

November Nightmare 2015 - Paul Mingo