Bats Race Report 30th March – Superstars at Tavy 13 & Siblyback

26 members of Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) took part in todays Tavy 13 road, making up 10% of the overall field of entrants.

The course starts at Tavistock College, winds its way along Crease Lane before climbing up Mill Hill and out onto Mile Level before returning for a fast finish along Crowndale and a lap of the track, with a warm dry day the Bats flew well around the course.

Making their race debut for the club were Stuart Medhurst and Sam Lake.  Five Bats were running the course for the first time, Emma & Dan Dooney, Julie Page, Grant Lawrence and Rob Gualtieri.

First male Bat home and for the second year in succession was Ben Neale who was chased home by Stuart Medhurst and Steve Watson.  First lady Bat home, also for the second year in succession and first in her age was Rebecca Mingo.  There were other awards for the club, both Tracey Oxborough and Christine Le Flem were first home in their age groups, Ralph Elmes and Derek Hicks were second in their age groups, the Bat ladies won first lady team and the men, third male team.  A big well done to Heather Smith who ran a personal best of over six minutes.

Runners were supported by other Bats, friends and families all the way around the course and the runners would like to say a big thank for all the clapping and cheering.

Team Bat – Tavy 13 2014 (some members missing from photograph) are pictured.  Finishing times as follows: Ben Neale 01.28.29; Stuart Medhurst 01.32.55; Steve Watson 01.33.06; Rebecca Mingo 01.34.31; Sam Lake 01.43.50; Dan Dooney 01.51.52; Tracey Oxborough 01.52.05; Eunice Moule 01.53.39; Grant Lawrence 01.56.03; Christine Le Flem 01.57.06; Alen Guy 01.57.46; Derek Hicks 02.00.33; Julie Page 02.01.40; Paul Mingo 02.02.21; Julian Setterington 02.03.25; Emma James 02.07.10; Ralph Elmes 02.08.16; Rob Gualtieri 02.10.33; Becky Rankin 02.11.01; Heather Smith 02.11.20; Mike Smith 02.11.20; Emma Dooney 02.15.52; Fran Morgan 02.18.35; Alysia Maciejowska 02.21.33; Mary Barratt 02.22.15 and Sarah Cohen 02.23.07. 

Team Bat - Tavy 13 2014
Team Bat – Tavy 13 2014

Also running last weekend was lone Bat Sophie Jury who took part in the Siblyback 10k and ran a great time of 61:27.  Sophie is pictured.

Team Bat - Siblyback 10k 2014

Bats will next be flying (or wallowing) at next weekend’s Honiton Hippo which will see the team making their way around the course as one team.

Bats Race Report – 9th March 2014 The Grizzly!

On the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures reaching 20 degrees (which was almost twice as hot as Athens), 23 Bere Alston Trekkers made their way to Seaton to take part in the Grizzly.

The Grizzly is Twentyish muddy, hilly, boggy, shingled beach miles of the multiest-terrain in the South West and also offers The Cub (a 9 mile route without bogs) which makes the event all inclusive for the Bats cross-country runners.

This years Grizzly was entitled ‘Withering Heights’ and with a course that changes annually, was the toughest route for many years and made up predominantly of steep, muddy and slippery hills.  The climbs were made worse by the heavy rains of the past few months and the heat on the day which made it extra hard work for them to be conquered but they were all climbed and the bogs, which were thigh deep in some places, were waded through with all trainers remaining in place.

Making their club debut was Francis Dix who ran a great first event.  Of the 12 Grizzly Bats running, 5 were running for the first time with a great effort made by Paul Williams who was paced around the course by Steve Watson.  Nathan Newton was the first male Bat home knocking off over 15 minutes from last years times and Tracey Oxborough was the first lady Bat home who also ran a great first Grizzly.

With the exception of Phil King who was first Bat home in the Cub, all other Bat runners were running for the first time with Fran Morgan being the first lady Bat home.   Bats would like to say a big well done to fellow club member Sarah Burns who was running the event for her second claim club, Mud Crew, and finished third lady overall.

A big well done must be said to all Bats who ran the Grizzly and the Cub on a hot day.   Team Bat – Grizzly 2014 are pictured in their finishing positions:

Grizzly: Nathan Newton  03.10.22, Paul Williams  03.33.38, Steve Watson  03.33.41, Murray Turner 03.40.07, Francis Dix 03.51.19, Tracey Oxborough 04.01.38, Derek Hicks 04.15.09, Matt Luckham 04.21.55, Emma James 04.32.51, Rachel Wood 04.48.04, Dotty King 04.48.06 and Julian Setterington 04.48.56.

Cub: Philip King 01.34.42, Toby Rankin 01.44.15, Grant Lawrence 01.44.36, Frances Morgan 02.00.16, Emma Dooney 02.15.12, Melanie Greaves 02.15.12, Donna Luckham, 02.15.42, Paula Lawrence, 02.15.12, Alysia Maciejowska 02.15.12, Hilary Head 02.41.24 and Martin Head 02.41.24.

A massive thank you to the support given on the way from Heather, Mike and Ruthie 🙂

24 hours ahead of the Grizzly, two Fruit Bats, Luther Luxton-Woods and Joe Setterington took to the beach and streets to join in the 2k Grizzly Fun Run which is for junior runners age 10 and under.  Both Fruit Bats ran brilliantly and can certainly show their parents a thing or two about racing (Fruit Bats are pictured with their medals).

Team Bat - Grizzly 2014
Team Bat – Grizzly 2014
Fruit Bats - Grizzly 2014
Fruit Bats – Grizzly 2014

Grizzly 2014 - Collage1Grizzly 2014 - CollageGrizzly 2014 - Collage2

Bats Race Report – 2nd February 2014

Today four members of Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) took part in the Fulford 5.

The Fulford Five is a 5 mile road race around the streets of Exmouth and is a race of 2 laps.  The race is well established, as one of the first road races of the year, for many athletes in Devon and further a-field.  The race however is so much more than the first chance for the serious athletes to dust off their racing shoes; the distance, a mere 5 miles is an ideal distance for first time racers, who feel the distance is well within their capabilities.

First Bat home was Mike Smith who ran an absolutely brilliant time of 35.43 and was chased home by Matt Luckham.  First lady Bat was Heather Smith who was also celebrating her birthday and literally flew around the course and was followed home by Donna Luckham.

Team Bat – Fulford 5 are pictured (left to right): Donna Luckham 44.16, Matt Luckham 37.11, Mike Smith 35.43 and Heather Smith 42.46.

Team Bat - Fulford 5 2013
Team Bat – Fulford 5 2013




Bats Race Report – 26th January 2014

Today a team of Bats took part in the Braunton 10.The event, which forms part of the clubs grand prix, is a 10 mile road race which starts (and finishes) on the athletic track of North Devon Road Runners track.  Once out of the village of Braunton runners take a course along quiet undulating country lanes with two very steep climbs that will put their fitness to the test.

First lady Bat home was Rebecca Mingo who was chased home by Tracey Oxborough who also finished first in her age group, first male Bat home was Phil King.  Most of the other Bats taking part were racing the distance for the first time.  All Bats finished in excellent times.

Team Bat – Braunton 10 are pictured (left to right): Donna Luckham 1.42.49, Jo Vella 1.51.07, Mel Greaves 1.49.11, Tracey Oxborough 1.22.41, Phil King 1.25.24, Derek Hicks 1.30.00, Paul Mingo 1.41.10, Rebecca Mingo 1.12.15, Emma Dooney 1.49.11, Tobias Rankin 1.32.43 and Becky Rankin 1.39.24 (not pictured, Mary Barratt 1.41.39).

Team Bat - Braunton 10 2014

Another team of Bats were out today – the cross-country endurance runners.  This run started and finished at Bere Alston school and wound its way out of the village, down to Lopwell, up and up to Crapstone before crossing the Moor and heading back to the village via Double-Waters and Denham Bridge.  This was a tough 18 mile course which took over four and half hours to complete – but the Bats did really good.  Well done to Dotty, Rachel, Fran, Vicky, Emma, Ken, Murray, Julian, Francis and Guy (all pictured below).

Sunday run 26th January 2014
Sunday run 26th January 2014



Bats and the Burrator Horseshoe‏

A good number of Bats took part in The Burrator Horseshoe Run at the weekend.  Some of them were taking part as part of their tapering training for the forthcoming club trip.

The Horseshoe is a 7 mile moorland run from Meavy and out over Dartmoor, via Burrator Reservoir, Sheepstor Dam, Sheepstor Summit (369m), Guttor Tor Summit (357m), Ringmoor Down, a swift knee deep wade through the ford at Meavy River for a fast downhill tarmac finish.

First lady Bat home was Rebecca Mingo and first male was Laurence Sargeant with Janice Fuller running well to achieve a 3 minute personal best.

Team Bat – Burrator Horseshoe 2013 are pictured: Paul Mingo 68.38, Rebecca Mingo 53.52, Phil 65.07, Sarah Burns 55.54 Murray Turner 57.53, Toby Rainkin 70.50 Janice Fuller 70.34, Laurence Sargeant 55.11. Alen Guy 59.38, Jason 60.40 and Dotty King (support crew).

Bats and the Great South Run

After a summer of hard training and taking part in events it was time for Ben Neale to take his place at the start of the Great South Run. This fast and flat 10 mile route takes in the iconic sites of the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard including Portsmouth Cathedral, Spinnaker Tower and the HMS Victory- which in 2011 played host to the HM Band of Royal Marines, who performed for passing runners. The final flat stretch along the sea front has given thousands of people the opportunity to get a personal best time for more than twenty years.

Ben was one of those achieving a personal best time of 58.22 and finishing 57th overall out of 25000 entrants and 45th in the 18-40 male category.

Ben is pictured.