Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) Grand Prix celebrations

At the end of January a number of Bats hung up their trainers and running kit in order to attend the clubs second Grand Prix dinner held at the Peter Tavy Inn.

The grand prix was set up to encourage members to participate in more races thus improving their overall standard. The Grand Prix is purely for fun and there is no pressure on any members to take place.

The Grand Prix has been a great success to get together all those wanting to do races. Bats have had such a great turn out at events with great support from the faster runners cheering in the whole team with thanks to all the supporters and marshals, unable to run who have given up their time to cheer the Bats on.

Each year the series will compromise of an agreed number of events with the minimum number of events being four.  Awards for 2012 were presented as follows:

Bronze 4 races:  Pam Adams, Dave Adams, Dotty King, Leigh Cossey-Haggar, Laurence Sargeant, Karin Kattenhorn and Ruth MacIntrye.

Silver 8 races: Laura Newton, Janice Fuller, Ben Neale, Mel Greaves, Grant Lawrence, Sally Dunn, Murray Turner, Hilary Head, Martin Head, Derek Hicks, Phil King, Rob Gualtieri and Mike Chipperfield.

Gold 12 races:  Heather Smith, Mike Smith, Toby Rankin, Nathan Newton, Fran Morgan, Becky Mingo and Paul Mingo.

Paul Mingo also scored the highest amount of points for the grand prix and awarded himself the Mingo Miles trophy (having won the same prize last year).

The 2013 Grand Prix Bats are pictured.

Team Bat - Grand Prix 2013
Team Bat – Grand Prix 2013