Bats wallow with the Hippos in Honiton

Last weekend a whopping 23 Bats made the long drive to Honiton to take part in the Honiton Hippo event which forms part of the clubs Grand Prix.  The Hippo is billed as a tough multi-terrain race with roughly seven miles of mud, sweat and tears (oh yes, the odd hill and river crossings thrown in for good measure).

From the start runners headed down a tarmac hill but it was not too long till they turned off into the woods onto a path which was undulating, muddy and littered with logs to jump over. Once out of the woods it was back onto the highway, heading down a steep descent, then it was a sharp right all the way back up through private woodland, walking was the only option on the menu for some at this point, the path consisted of a near vertical 4×4 track with ruts filled with stones. While navigating the tough cross-country terrain Bats could hear ‘yelps’ and ‘screams’ somewhere below in the forest, and before they knew it they were upon the first river crossing, which had a piece of scaffolding and some netting across it and it was time to get on their hands and knees and crawl through under the netting and through the water.

Runners were then wet and muddy but just around the corner was the biggest puddle ever, which was waist deep. The route continued through the woods and fields, an equestrian centre, a farmyard and then some tarmac. At mile seven it was time for the final river crossing which had a rope to drag you across with and to make sure runners did not get washed away as the tide was strong! Once up onto the muddy bank it was through the field and back up the hill to the school to the finish line.

Cold, wet and muddy and running as one group from start to finish the team finished in a time of 2.11.57.

Team Bat – Honiton Hippo 2014 are pictured (in alphabetical order): Alen Guy, Christine Le Flem, Dan Dooney, Derek Hicks, Donna Luckham, Dotty King, Emma Dooney, Emma James, Hazel Bickley, Hilary Head, Janice Fuller, Jo Vella, Lisa Birch, Martin Head, Mary Barratt, Paula Lawrence, Philip King, Pippa Tigwell, Ralph Elmes, Sally Dunn, Sarah Cohen, Sophie Jury and Tiggy Tigwell.

Team Bat - Honiton Hippo 2014

Team Bat – Honiton Hippo 2014

Team Bat - Honiton Hippo 2014 (3)

Team Bat - Honiton Hippo 2014 (4)