Bats: Tavy 7, Dartmoor Vale & Bath-to-Bristol

Taking part in the Tavy 7 road race today was a good number of Bats.

Starting at Plasterdown the route is seven miles, out and back, of undulating and scenic moorland roads.

First Bat home, second overall and first in his age group was Ben Neale who makes a welcome return to running.  Chris Anthony made his debut for the club and the first lady Bat across the line was Rachael Malthouse in a super time of 54.01.  A special well done to Laura Newton who ran a six minute personal best.

Team Bat – Tavy 7 2015 are pictured with their times: Ben Neale 41.31 – second place and first in age group, Andrew Bowden 49.17, Chris Anthony 49.19, Murray 50.42, Matthew Luckham 57.27, Lisa Birch 1.01.04, Laura Newton 1.01.16, Julie Page 1.03.12, Laura Hogan1.04.43, Tobias Rankin 1.06.49, Kate Glanville 1.07.33, Alison Greaves 1.08.30 Natasha Ayres 1.09.49, Mel Greaves 1.12.29, Jo Vella 1.14.03, Cally Barnes, Sally Dixon and Hazel Bickley 1.14.15.

Also running at the weekend were Emma Dooney and Steve Hill who took part in the Dartmoor Vale.  Steve finished the marathon in 3:01, a massive personal best of 23 minutes, 4th overall and 1st in his age category and Emma took three minutes off her 10k time to finish 4th in her age category in a time of 52.16.

Thousands of runners have taken part in the new Bristol-to-Bath marathon this weekend, four of them Bats.

The race started in Bristol city centre and took in the Portway and roads through Hanham, Bitton and Kelston before finishing in Royal Victoria Park, Bath.

Bats finishing times were Mike Smith (a personal best by 58 minutes) and Dave Adams 03.56.00, Pam Adams and Heather Smith 04.47.00 (a personal best by 7 mins for Heather).