Bats take on the Dartmoor Discover

After 8 months of hard training and taking part in various events including The Grizzly, last Saturday was time for five Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) to take their places at the start of the Dartmoor Discovery. The Discovery is an ultrathon run around Dartmoor and is entirely on roads. The event starts in Princetown, and follows a route passing through Dartmeet, Poundsgate, Newbridge, Ashburton, Buckland in the Moor, Widecombe in the Moor, and Postbridge, before making its way back to finish in Princetown. The current distance is 52.115 km (32 miles 674 yards). Entrants are required to have completed a marathon on an ‘average’ course in less than 5 hours (or something equivalent), there was a limit of 225 entries for the race where only 44 of these were women and on the day 175 finished.

The weather, although wet at times, was overall perfect for the event which was brilliantly organised and everyone taking part was very looked after from start to finish. The hills on the course are very challenging and some drag on for over a mile but the downhill’s, flats and support on the course kept everyone going.

First Bat home in fantastic time was Steve Watson who paced himself throughout to finish strong. Steve was chased home by Dotty, Rachel and Murray who ran a text book event, hit every target along their way and maintained their 32 minute advantage of the strict cut-off times, they were quickly followed by Jon who also ran extremely well. Four of the five Bats had never run a marathon before and to complete such a long event over the tough terrain of the Discovery is brilliant.

Big thanks go out to Phil for the brilliant car support, Julian for his cycling support and pacing and to the entire 20+ entourage of supporters on foot and cycles along the route and a big thank to everyone that has sponsored members of the club for this and other events.

The victorious Bats are pictured (left to right): Rachel Wood 05.59.32, Steve Watson 04.55.00; Dotty Allan 05.59.32, Murray Turner 05.59.32 and Jon Eatly 06.04.01.

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