Bats Race Report – Sport Relief & The Dark

123 local people turned out in force today at the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile in Bere Alston.  Milers of all ages were sponsored to run, walk or jog 1, 3 or 6 miles around the recreation field and the Bere Peninsula.

The day was a huge success with friends, families and work mates all joining together to go the extra mile for Sport Relief 2014.

The distances were broken down into 20 running the 6 mile, 30 the 3 mile and a fabulous 73 taking part in the 1 mile course.  Children as young as 2 jogged, walked, or were carried on shoulders or waved from buggies as they made their way around the windy course.  Thankfully the weather remained dry which encouraged a bumper number of entries on the day.  Lots of the 1 milers wore fancy dress and  raised sponsorship on top of their entry fee.  Over £600 was taken on the day with £200 raised from refreshments and a cake raffle, this amount will be added to the 65 entrants that registered on-line plus any sponsorship and the club will know their overall total later in the year.

Dotty King, event organiser, said: “It was an amazing day! Watching the community come together to support such a great cause was brilliant! We feel so proud knowing that the money raised here today will help people living really tough lives right here in Devon, the UK and across the world.”

All over the UK, people of all ages came together to run, swim or cycle at over 1,000 Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games events across the length and breadth of the country over the Sport Relief weekend.

Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) would like to say a huge thank you to each and every person who has donated money or given their time to fundraise and especially those who took part in the Bere Alston event, the great team of Bats who helped on the day and the community for their support.

Here are a few pics (more to follow later in the week): Sport Relief 2014 - 1 mile startSport Relief 2014 - 1 milers

This weekend also saw seven members of Bats pull on their fancy dress outfits to take part in the latest event to be hosted by Mud Crew, The Dark.

The Dark is billed as 13 miles through the depths of Cardinham Woods, just shy of Bodmin Moor, which should sort the men from the boys! Following the infamous Beast of Bodmin mountain bike trails, this head torch run starts at dusk and is followed by a little dark gathering in the Mud Crews yurt where there was coffee, cake, beer and hog roast.

The course which included three river crossings wound up and down and around and up some more. Zig-zagging and looping round the Cornish hillsides. Through the woods a dazzling line of torches weaved and bobbed their way through the countryside – twice.  There was a stunning section of open hillside with sweeping switchbacks and jumps, aptly nick-named the human roller coaster section.

There were surprises to be had in the woods, with zombies, Blair Witches, a haunting Clanad style music drifting through the woods and general all round spooky shenanigans laid on by The Mud Crew.

After three hours of sweaty joviality and frivolity, the team of Bats had achieved a half marathon P.W [personal worse]. In fact Sarah Burns, AKA Vamp Bat, runs Marathons in that time, [and also wins Ultra’s for Mud Crew] however, it was her birthday and she ran with her parent group, the Bats and had lots of fun.

All finishers were treated to beer and cake at the end of their night time adventure.

Team Bat – The Dark 2014 are pictured (left to right): Rachel Wood, Sarah Burns, Alen Guy, Paul Mingo, Fran Morgan and Rebecca Mingo.

Team Bat - The Dark 2014