Bats and the Grand Prix 2014

Last week members of Bere Alston Trekkers (Bats) made their way to the Peter Tavy Inn for the clubs annual Grand Prix dinner.

The Bats Grand Prix is set up to encourage members to participate in more races thus improving their overall standard. The Grand Prix is purely for fun and there is no pressure on any members to take place. Each year the series includes an agreed number of events with the minimum number of events being five.

Trophies are awarded as follows: Bronze 5 races including one 10K distance or further, Silver 10 races including one race 10 miles or more and Gold 15 races including one half-marathon race or further. For 2015 there is the introduction of the Platinum award which will is 15 races plus a marathon.

For 2014 the awards were as follows:

Bronze: Jenny West, Fran Morgan, Pam Adams, Kate Glanville, Ralph Elmes, Becky Rankin, Murray Turner, Ann Woodhouse, Hazel Bickley, Rob Gualtieri, Laurence Sargeant, Julie Page, Phil King, Dan Dooney and Donna Luckham.

Silver: Mike Smith, Heather Smith, Martin Head, Hilary Head, Sarah Cohen, Matt Luckham, Jo Vella, Sally Dunn, Dotty King and Christine Le Flem.

Gold: Derek Hicks, Alen Guy, Toby Rankin, Mel Greaves and Emma Dooney.

Thanks were extended to Derek Hicks and Pam Adams for organising the Grand Prix.

Club members are pictured with their prizes which this year included a special 10 year anniversary medal.