Bats and the Muskie Madness

A large group of BATs entered the Musky Madness race in Plymouth on Saturday 23rd May.  Described by the course organisers as a 5.5 mile multi-terrain undulating course on woodland track, riverside path and roadside pavement, the course was described by entrants as too hilly and too hot!

Unfortunately, due to problems with signage being changed by the local children, a number of runners went the wrong route either adding extra distance, or reducing the course distance. As such no official times were recorded.

Despite the confusion though, Julie Paige won 1st Female in the over 45 category with a time of 46.11 and Christine Le Flem won first lady in 65+ age group completing the course in 51.02.

Other results were (unofficial times based on own timings and estimates): Andy Bowden 36.44 (Short route), Sally Dunn 47.21 (Long route), Martin Head 49.21, Jennifer West 49.43, Laura Newton 50.22, Lisa Birch 51.06, Emma Dooney 51.12, Janice Fuller 56.20, Sarah Cohen 57.20, Natasha Ayres 57.27, Mel Greaves 57.35, Laura Hogan 57.55, Alison Greaves 58.02, Hazel Bickley 1.03.15, Cally Barnes 1.03.15, Jo Vella 1.03.49 and Hilary Head 1.09.43.

Team Bat Muskie Madness 2015 are pictured.

Team Bat - Muskie Madness 2015