Bats – 6 Moor Miles

Last weekend saw a large colony of Bats (Bere Alston Trekkers), taking part in the 6 Moor Miles with 18 club members taking part. The 6 Moor Miles race provides a unique opportunity to run a one lap course of approximately 6 miles (ish!), in the picturesque surroundings of the Maristow Estate, across the open Moorland on a well Marshalled course which starts at the Leg of Mutton in Yelverton.

Although the weather had been hot and sunny in the week leading up to the race, early morning downpours ensured that the ground was wet, slippery and muddy underfoot which made the going a bit tougher than expected but nothing that the Bats could not deal with following all the off-road training that the club undertakes as part of its standard training.

First male Bat home and finishing 7th overall was Ben Neale who is training for the Chicago marathon later in the year, Ben was quickly followed by Nathan Newton and Steve Watson who ran a personal best.  First female Bat home and running a course personal best by over 3 minutes was Dotty Allan who is training for the Bude Brute in September.

Making his debut for the club was Keith Roberts.  A big well done has to be said to Paul Mingo who ran a personal best on the back of a very long training run the day before and to Laura Newton, Fran Morgan and Emma Wright who ran great times and to Julian Setterington who also ran a course personal best.

The Bats are pictured, left to right, back: Phil King 01.01.47, Julian Setterinton 56:46, Steve Watson 47.14, Nathan Newton 44.29, Martin Head 56.35, Mike Smith 52.57, Mike Chipperfield 01.00.21, (middle) Laura Newton 01.07.23, Fran Morgan 01.12.00, Emma Wright 01.04.27, Hilary Head 01.34.40, Heather Smith 01.07.45, Ben Neale 41.04, Keith Roberts 01.04.05, (front) Maria Kushnirov 59.55, Dotty Allan 56.42, Pam Adams 01.06.06 and Paul Mingo 01:00:30.

6 Moor Miles 2012 Start (16)